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Browser Buttons  
  Add the SAVE THIS and EMAIL THIS buttons to your browser toolbar and easily gather, organize and share the best the Web has to offer.

Internet Explorer Users
To add the browser buttons to your Internet Explorer browser:

1. Right-click on each browser button and select 'Add to Favorites'. (Mac Users, instead of right-clicking, hold down the left mouse button and drag the icon to the browser bar.)
2. Select the "Links" folder in your favorites menu and click "OK".
3. The button link should now appear on your Links toolbar. Repeat the procedure for each button.

*NOTE: If you cannot see your Links Toolbar, go to "View" and select "Toolbars." Set the Links toolbar to appear.

Firefox Users
To add the browser buttons to your Firefox browser:

1. Hold down your mouse button on each of the buttons.
2. Select "Bookmark this link"
3. Then, select "Create in" and the "Bookmarks Toolbar" option.
4. The SAVE THIS and EMAIL THIS link should now appear on your browser toolbar.

NOTE: Be sure you have the Bookmark Toolbar displayed. In your browser, select "View" and then "Toolbars." Make sure the "Bookmark toolbar" has a check next to it.

If you have one of the following browsers, please click on the link for more information:


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