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  Getting started with SAVE THIS  

Key Benefits

  • Gather and store information with a single mouse click
  • Share Web page links with one person or many people in unique ways
  • Access your saved links from any computer
  • Create groups based on topics or areas of interest
SAVE THIS is a free service offered by Clickability and powered by Clickability, Inc. that enables you to quickly gather, save, organize, and share links to Web pages and information as you surf.

SAVE THIS is as convenient as it is flexible. You may easily share single links, an entire folder of links or set up special group folders for others to access and save their links to.

Better than Saving to Your Browser
Because your SAVE THIS account resides securely on the Web, it gives you a more effective way to gather, store and share information than using your browser bookmarks or browser favorites. You don't have to worry about taking up space on your hard drive or cluttering your email inbox. More importantly, with SAVE THIS, you can access your links anytime from any computer connected to the Web. Simply point your browser to www.savethis.com and log in.

Importing Browser Bookmarks (Firefox) or Browser Favorites (Internet Explorer)

After you register for your SAVE THIS account, it's easy to import your personal bookmarks and favorites from your browser directly to your account. To import your bookmarks or favorites directly to your SAVE THIS Inbox, click here.

Why Register?

You don't have to register to use SAVE THIS, but you'll be missing out on some important features. For instance, if you are registered you can create your own folders for organizing your links. As a registered user you will be able to access your saved links from any Web-enabled computer or mobile device. To take advantage of these features, register for your free SAVE THIS account today! Click here to sign up.

Your SAVE THIS account:

My Folders and the Main Display

The My Folders tree starts with your Home folder. Inside your home folder is your Inbox. Your SAVE THIS Inbox is where your bookmarks or favorites will be placed when you import them from your browser. The current folder you're viewing is always highlighted on your My Folders tree. It serves as a point of reference for orientating yourself and navigating your SAVE THIS account.

To access and view the contents of another folder, click on the folder name or folder icon. To expand and collapse the view of your subfolders, use the plus (+) and minus (-) signs. Click New Folder to add folders or subfolders to your account. Folder contents are shown in the main display area, the largest section of your SAVE THIS homepage.

All folders and links are listed by name, comments, creator and date created. You may sort the list by clicking on the title of the column. If you want to edit or change the information about a link or folder, click on the edit link to the right of the folder. You may also move links from one folder to another using the Toolbar. To revisit a Web site, click on the link name.


The SAVE THIS toolbar spans the top of your SAVE THIS homepage. It contains buttons that allow you to add new folders, add links, share links or folders, delete links or folders, and move links or folders around in your account.

For tips on how to get the most out of SAVE THIS, click here.

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