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  Folder Types  

Your SAVE THIS Folders

Only registered, logged-in users can create folders, which is one of the most powerful features of your SAVE THIS account. Click here to sign up.

SAVE THIS lets you create personal or group folders for all of your saved links. For example, you might use a personal folder to store links to sites providing information about a new product you're considering purchasing or to store links to sites related to a school research project. You might use a group folder to store links that relate to a group research project or assignment, which everyone would then have access to.

Personal Folders

Personal folders are the primary folders in which you store your links. Although you may still share a personal folder with a friend or colleague, the links in that folder will only be copied to your friend's SAVE THIS account. Any changes you make to that folder after you share it would not be reflected in the friend's copy.

Group Folders

Group folders allow you to store, share and update links with an entire group. As new links are added or deleted, a group folder is automatically updated for each SAVE THIS account that is part of that group.

To learn more about Group Folders, click here.

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