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  Group Folders  

While unregistered users may receive shared folders from other SAVE THIS users and pass those folders along to others, only registered, logged-in users can create and share group folders. Click here to sign up for your free account.

Group folders allow you to share and update links easily with an entire group. Once they're shared, group folders are constantly updated as new information is added or removed.

As the creator of a group folder, you have the ability to read, add, edit and remove items inside the folder. You can also assign a level of sharing to this folder.

Three Types of Group Folders

Read Only: A read-only group folder allows everyone sharing the folder to view and access its contents. Only the creator of the folder has modification privileges. The creator can add links or subfolders to a read-only group folder so those items may be viewed by other group members.

Add Only: Everyone sharing the folder can read and add to it. Group members can also delete items from their own view of the folder and other group members won't see the deletions. With an add-only group folder, the folder creator has modification privileges. When modifying an add-only folder, the creator can choose whether those changes will be reflected in everyone's view of the folder or just his own.

Add and Delete: Everyone sharing the folder has the same modification privileges with an add and delete group folder and everyone sees the changes. Group members may also email the folder to other SAVE THIS users who aren't part of the group.

Adding Members to a Group Folder

Adding members to a group folder is easy. Here's how:

  1. Check the box next to the group folder(s) you want to share
  2. Click Share on the SAVE THIS toolbar
  3. Enter the recipients' email addresses or select it from your SAVE THIS Address Book
  4. Enter a subject line and message (optional)
  5. Click Share Now

If you have trouble creating or participating in a SAVE THIS group folder, please contact us.

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