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  Tips and Ideas  

Getting the Most out of SAVE THIS

  • Register!

    You don't have to register to use SAVE THIS, but you'll be missing out on some important features. To take advantage of these features, register for your free SAVE THIS account today! Click here to sign up.

  • Use Group Folders for Your Workgroup

    Put the Web content you and your colleagues, friends, and family pass around into a group folder. Group Folders are one of the most powerful features of SAVE THIS because they enable you to share your expertise, interests and concerns with others. When a group member wants to add a link, they simply save it to the folder, and everybody's folder is instantly updated.

    Ideas for Using SAVE THIS

      The possibilities are endless. Here are just a few of the ways you might use SAVE THIS:

    • Are you part of a group research project? Get the ball rolling by creating a group folder full of links relevant to the project. Share your group folder and encourage project members to contribute their favorite links. Your workgroup can access the group folder from any connected computer. Whenever a group member wants to add content, they simply save it into the group folder with a single click, and everyone else's folder is automatically updated.
    • Distribute assignments. Teachers, discover a whole new way to use the Web. Place as much content as you like into your class's SAVE THIS group folder to create instant assignments. Cut your clerical workload, while helping your students stay on top of theirs.
    • Get the word out about your new site. You've spent hours posting new pages and photos on your Web site. To get the word out, save links to the new pages in a group folder and share the folder with family, friends, colleagues, or customers so they can view all of your hard work.

    Found a unique way to put SAVE THIS to work for you? We'd loved to hear about it. Email us here.

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