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  Address Book  

Your SAVE THIS Address Book

Your SAVE THIS Address Book is the fastest way to share Web page links and folders of your saved links with friends, family and colleagues. There's no need to type in email addresses manually--simply click on the recipients in your Address Book and SAVE THIS automatically enters them for you.

Found the perfect link to share with your research team but don't have the time to enter everyone's email address? Let your SAVE THIS Address Book do it for you.

You may add, edit, delete and sort the contacts in your SAVE THIS Address Book, much as you would in a Personal Information Management application (PIM). Any changes you make to your Address Book should be made from the Edit Address Book page.

How to Access the Edit Address Book Page

You may access the Edit Address Book page in one of two ways:

  1. From the Share page, click Select Address, then click Edit Address Book
  2. From your SAVE THIS home page, click Options, then click Address Book
If you're having trouble with any of the Address Book functions, click Help from within your SAVE THIS Address Book. If you don't find the answer there, send an email to help request.

Access Your SAVE THIS Address Book Anywhere, Anytime

Your SAVE THIS Address Book is securely stored on our servers so you can access it anytime and from any computer connected to the Web. And if you are an EMAIL THIS user, your SAVE THIS Address Book is accessible there too. Simply click on the EMAIL THIS button to email your link or folder. Then click Address Book to enter your recipients.

Importing Your Address Book from Your Personal Information Manager

You can import your Address Book(s) from the following PIMs (personal information managers): Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm Desktop, and Yahoo! Once you've imported your Address Book to your SAVE THIS account it's easy to export it back into your personal information manager, along with any changes you may have made.

Editing Addresses

You may edit contacts by clicking on the edit link next to the name of the address you want to revise. On the Edit Address Book page, make any changes to the fields that you wish to update and then click Save. The changes will be reflected in your SAVE THIS Address Book.

Adding Addresses

There are three ways to add addresses to your SAVE THIS Address Book:

  1. Import your current Address Book from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm Desktop, or Yahoo! from the Import/Export Addresses page, accessible from the Edit Address Book page. If you have trouble, click Help on the Import/Export Addresses page
  2. Automatically, when you're sharing a link or folder: SAVE THIS will add any email addresses that you enter which aren't already in your Address Book.
  3. Simply add addresses on the Address Book page. Here's how:
  • Click Add and enter the first and last name of the person (optional) and a nickname (also optional). You may use a person's nickname in lieu of typing in the full email address
  • Enter up to four email addresses for each contact in your Address Book
  • Use the corresponding radio button to select the address that should be used when you type in a nickname
  • When you've finished entering this information, click Add.

Deleting an Address

To delete an address, click Delete next to the name of the address you'd like to remove. After you've verified that you'd like the address deleted, click Ok.

Sorting Your Addresses

You may sort your SAVE THIS Address Book by last name, first name or email address. Click on a letter on the alphabet bar to view addresses with last names beginning with that letter.

Address Book Options

Your SAVE THIS Address Book can be customized for your needs. Address Book Options include the ability to:

  • Create and edit signatures that are appended to email messages when sharing links or folders
  • Designate a copy of your shared emails to be sent to your own email address
  • Update your email address and password
  • Verify your email address
  • Change your username

Modify your Address Book settings from the Options page. Make sure to click Update Settings to save your changes.

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