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  Adding Links  

Saving Links to Your SAVE THIS Account

Registered, logged-in users don't need to be on a particular Web site to add a link to that site to their SAVE THIS account. Unregistered users, must be on the site to save a link belonging to that site.

Here's how to save links from anywhere on the Web:

To add a link to your account while you are on your SAVE THIS homepage:

  1. Click Add Link on your SAVE THIS toolbar
  2. Enter a name for the link
  3. Enter the URL for the link you want to add
  4. Type in any comments about the link in the Comments box
  5. Select the folder you'd like to save the link to
  6. Click Add

There are two more ways to add links to your account while you surf.

  1. Using the SAVE THIS browser button: Click the SAVE THIS browser button and a popup window will appears, allowing you save a link to the page you're currently on.
  2. Using the SAVE THIS button on a SAVE THIS site. For a list of SAVE THIS sites, click here.
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